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Discord – Free voice and text chat for gamers

Discord – Free voice and text chat for gamers:

Hello all!

I’ve created a study group on discord for 16+ for those who are in education 🙂

It includes subjects for those in A Level & BTECs (ages 16-18 for non UK-ers)

I have a section for those in university and a section for those taking online courses.

The aim is to help others and get help if you’re stuck with a topic. There’s also a section for finding a study buddy.

Back from the JPC

I have returned from the Joint Propulsion Conference. Surprisingly, there was another graduate student who was working on essentially the same topic as me with similar equipment.

Next step, turn the conference paper into a journal article.

Conference Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I travel to the Joint Propulsion Conference in Cleveland, OH. I’ll be presenting on Wednesday near the end of the conference, but at least I’ll be getting my name out there.

Paper Finished

It’s almost a month to go before the AIAA’s Joint Propulsion Conference, and I will be attending. For the past five months I have been writing a paper to submit to the conference and collecting the data for said paper. It is finally done, and now I am looking forward to presenting my work.