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Conference Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I travel to the Joint Propulsion Conference in Cleveland, OH. I’ll be presenting on Wednesday near the end of the conference, but at least I’ll be getting my name out there.

Paper Finished

It’s almost a month to go before the AIAA’s Joint Propulsion Conference, and I will be attending. For the past five months I have been writing a paper to submit to the conference and collecting the data for said paper. It is finally done, and now I am looking forward to presenting my work.


CFD: A Shot in the Dark

Good news: I’m coming very close to actually fixing this CFD project and I think I’ve figured out how to make part of it work.

Bad news: One of the methods requires a set of enormous matrices, the smallest of which is 121 X 121. Anyone with a passing knowledge of matrix algebra can already see where this is going and just how much hell it will be to catch and fix problems.

EDIT: I almost overheated and crashed my computer due to not including a break statement in my code. Ah the wonders of extremely detailed CFD algorithms.

Not Enough Caffeine

Got up this morning at 6 to teach an undergraduate lab. Later discovered that the coffee I made was decaf.