i flunked out of law school. i haven’t t…

i flunked out of law school. i haven’t told my family bc i don’t want them to see me as the idiot ive always seen myself as. i never thought much of myself and never thought i was particularly smart and this is the proof :/ i loved Law school so much but now i hate myself for ruining it. god i always ruin everything. im so embarrassed. im so stupid. idk what to do.

Hey anon,

Law school is fucking tough. It’s difficult to get into and arguably more difficult to complete. 

Flunking out of law school does not mean you are stupid.

Flunking out does not mean you’ve “ruined” law school (or your opportunity to study law).

It simply means that at the moment, you’re not going to complete law with this university, at this time.

And that’s ok.

It’s not “game over”; it’s merely a pause.

Law school will always be here – it was here before you, it’ll be here after you. Should you choose to pursue it again, the avenues are open. Try a different university/ college, vary your courseload (if you can). 

But before even jumping back into law school, I’d ask you to do some self analysis. Consider why you want to do it. Remind yourself why you love law school and what makes it worth going back to. What doesn’t make it worth it. 

Once you’ve assessed the whys, and if it’s all systems go, it’s time to plan your strategy. 

What other universities could you study at? Could you continue studying a different course at your university and then transfer to law at a later stage? Could you study a different degree and then pursue law at a different uni later on? What factors made law school difficult the first time? Was it the workload? Was it a lack of interest? Was it factors external to law school? What lessons can can you apply from your previous experience to ensure success when you enrol? This may be something a simple as “hey at least I know how to search for a fucking case!”/ “hey I have a targeted note taking system” to “I know the fundamental principles of XYZ so at least I won’t have to re learn them”. 

Dealing with parents is difficult. Breaking uncomfortable news is hard. i don’t know about your family dynamics and how it may affect their reaction.

It might help to step out your strategy to them – show them that yes, you flunked out but hey, you’ve critically analysed why and have a plan – whether it be to continue to study law or take a break from it all. 

People get out and back in and through law school in many different ways. If law is honestly something you wish to pursue, then it’s still open.

Give yourself permission to forgive. Forgive yourself. To learn and then let go of your past mistakes.

So you can move forward.

And pursue something you enjoy, or something that may give you enjoyment in the future.