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Resources for learning Japanese we talk about in this episode:
– Using SRS to Learn Japanese:
– How to Study Japanese with Sentences:
– Language Shadowing:

“You can learn Japanese from anime!”

You’ve probably seen promises like these floating around the Internet. Maybe you’ve secretly hoped they’re true.

We’re here to tell you THEY ARE TRUE! But just because you CAN learn Japanese from anime, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Koichi and Michael discuss the one way you can use anime to learn Japanese. It may not necessarily be the best way to learn Japanese, but it’s a way. Like if you REALLY just have to use anime to learn Japanese, we’ll tell you how.

Even if you’re not interested in anime in the slightest, you can use the principles introduced in this episode to learn Japanese faster and better than everyone else.

Weeaboos and Normal-boos listen up: there’s language learning gold in these here hills (the “hills” in this case being our podcast).