The Battle of the Wide Body Jets

  • The Boeing 787 and the Airbus A-350. Who will win?

    Both the Major Aerospace cooperation’s, Boeing and Airbus, have thrown their hat into the ring for what has become known as the battle of the wide body jets. Now what is the big deal with both of these aircraft? Well, both aircraft come at a time in commercial aviation where much of what you see flying nowadays is extremely old and well past its time. Many long haul carriers such as ANA, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Emirates Air have been looking for a replacement to their ageing 747, 777 and A-340 air fleet. In 2009 Airbus answered the call with the roll out of the A-380, a fully double decked aircraft with huge long haul capacity.

 As you can see the aircraft is massive, and can carry a lot of people a very long distance. The drawl back is that the aircraft is costly to buy, operate and maintain. Also the aircraft has experienced three major incidences since its roll out, both pertaining to the aircrafts massive size. Despite this many major airlines have jumped at the opportunity of having the A-380 in their fleet, but only the major ones.

    Now in 2014 with many airlines searching for a new long haul aircraft to be easy to maintain, easy on the wallet and economical. Many are looking at the 787 and the A-350, which on paper are exactly the same in seating, range and price. the question is though which one will catch on? well Boeing has taken a leap ahead with the first purchase of the 787 by ANA, a Japanese Airline, to take up the roll of long haul carrier. Several other airlines have lined up for the purchase of this awesome aircraft.

Now the A-350 which is still in its testing phase does give Boeing a run for there money. The A-350 will be the first aircraft to be what has been deemed the XWB, or extra wide body. meaning instead of one central row, this aircraft will feature two central rows. which is awesome, but Boeing has matched airbus on this, and has not had to take the risk of introducing the XWB.

     The A-350 like the 787 will be made of composite materials, and feature all new avionics and luxurious seating arrangements. though both aircraft are new and basically the first of their kind they are relatively cheap, which means that airbus and Boeing have a much larger market at their disposal.

    Who will win? well I guess that depends on who’s aircraft are you more familiar and comfortable with, Boeing or Airbus.