Helpful Websites in planning

In the search for the continuation of my undergraduate education, and the beginning of my graduate education, I have found the Embry riddle Dayton Beach campus website to be enormously helpful. Thinking even further down the line, I have found the United States Navy’s website to be immensely helpful.

The Embry riddle website is well laid out, and very well designed to optimize its helpfulness to the user. The website leaves no questions unanswered, and no more anxieties or worries about continuing your education at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. The website also helps any user it may have by providing the user with the contact information for the specific person or persons in charge of the schools specific department. Finally the website provides the user with the schools background and track record for excellence. This ensures that the user will understand that Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is a serious institution with a track record for success and excellence. The website also helps any user whom may be seeking a career in the Armed Services. The website accomplishes this by separating the three military branches out into their own individual web page, and each topic that it may cover as well.

The United States Navy website is designed for the purpose of selling, and informing the user of the Navy’s history, mission and opportunities, while also informing the reader of the many faces of the United States Navy. We must also keep in mind that the Navy’s website is also a recruiting tool for the United States navy. For instance in my case I have been looking into pursuing a career in Naval Aviation as a stepping stone into my projected job field in aerospace engineering. The Naval website has been more than helpful by putting me in contact with a recruiter, and the ROTC coordinator at my school of choice. The website has also helped me get a look into the life of a Naval aviator, which has helped me begin to plan ahead financially and mentally for the challenges ahead.