Aerospace engineering lab equitment (SR-30 Jet…

  • Jet engines in the lab?

    Yes you read that right, you can have a mini lab gas turbine power system indoors. According to you could have this product for your students to operate in lab. The entire piece of equipment comes complete with the engine its self and a controlee panel, as well as a “on board National instruments Data Acquisition System” ( The lab turbine would greatly increase the class room experience for an Aerospace engineering professor and his or her students by allowing them to observe the startup procedures for the engine, and by allowing them to view the operational data of the engine in the safety of a lab and in real time.



  • How does it work?

   The Mini gas turbine power system is a self-contained jet engine laboratory featuring the SR-30 Turbojet engine. The system comes equipped with a one touch start system allowing for simplicity and easy results once the system is running. The included data acquisition system makes getting results effortless and fun. Jet engines make tremendous noise when powered up, and the SR-30 is no exception, but you can see what is happening inside the complex motions of the engine. This is possible due to the interactive virtual instrument panel allowing for a real time peak into the internal operations of the engine as it is running. Systems can be changed with the simple click of a mouse, and individual systems can be viewed as well as all at once.


The versatile and virtual control panel allows the student and the teacher to have a much better learning experience and to allow the student to get a hands on feel for the operations of a jet engine in the safety of the lab. The SR-30 is a wonderful piece of equipment, not only for the teacher and the student, but also for the accomplished engineer. Any aerospace engineer would do well to convince his superior that the acquisition of this equipment is essential to the operations of the company he works for. The SR-30 system would allow the engineer to test many different aspects of a jet engine in many controlled situations, such as an emergency or a failure in the engines systems that would institute an immediate mission abort. The use of this system in the day to day operations and design of aircraft/spacecraft is essential for the successful production of the aircraft and or spacecraft.