Boeing and Aerospace Blog | – Everett and Snohomish County, Washington

Boeing and Aerospace Blog | – Everett and Snohomish County, Washington:

This blog discusses the latest news in the Boeing aerospace corporation. The blog keeps readers updated on Boeings outreach to the local and international community, as well as the United States Military. This blog would be useful for anyone who is interested in the strides of one of the worlds foremost aerospace corporations. The tone of the writing in this blog helps to enhance it’s experience. The tone gives the blog a professional and informative feel, as if one were reading an official report from the CEO. The blogs next great feature is it’s use of pictures at the head of it’s articles. This use of images helps to enhance the blogs purpose, and the content of it’s various articles. All and all the blog is excellent and very informative. I would suggest spending time to go through the various articles in order to see some insight in the direction that the aerospace industry id headed.