India To tell President obama Outsourcing Has …

India will try to make an impression on United States President Barack Obama for the duration of his November 6-9 visit that outsourcing has actually created thousands of employment opportunities in the United States, and certainly not taken them away.

“The issue of outsourcing will obviously figure in the discussions,” Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao informed correspondents here, briefing on the contours of the US president’s visit, while addressing what has been a very sensitive challenge regarding the two sides.

“Recent studies by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) have shown that thousands of jobs have been created by our greenfield partnerships,” said Rao, referring to the developing operations of Indian corporations in the United States.

She said while the United States was the third largest investor in India with a total investment of close to $9 bn since 2000, India was also adding significantly toward the American economic system.

“According to the US officials, India is the fastest growing source of foreign direct investment in the US. They are creating, saving or supporting tens of thousands of jobs in the US,” the foreign secretary said.

“India’s defence acquisitions and major purchases in energy and aviation sectors, for example, are contributing to the US economy.”

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