Hawker Beechcraft Letting Go Of 100s Of Labore…

Hawker Beechcraft sends 350 workers home today while also releasing future plans that will include layoff notices for hundreds more.

We knew of the 350 layoffs coming today. Those were announced September 24th. Today Hawker Beechcraft Chairman Bill Boisture gives additional details about the schedule for additional downsizing and the job cuts coming with it.

“I’m not going to have a job.”

Future job concerns like hers are increasing among Hawker’s workforce after Friday’s job cuts and an employee letter formally spelling out future outsourcing of local work.

“It’s really kinda mixed, it depends on where you’re at, it’s rough seeing anyone go we all know we are all thankful…it’s just hard.’

Approximately 350 salaried employees were walked out of the plant for the last time Friday. Then company chairman Bill Boisture sends out this letter to employees talking about decisions approved by the company’s board to reshape the company for the future.

Boisture says the decisions and actions are intended to sustain and improve the company’s financial strength and improve competitive capability during a very difficult time for the business aviation industry.

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